7 Easy Ways to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards 2020

7 Easy Ways to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards: Generally, people won’t consider or accept anything for free. They expect something in return to be charged. But while getting back with PSN codes, you can see millions of users searching for free Play Station or PSN codes without making the second opinion.

Now there is a possibility of earning free PSN codes.  In that case, few might work and few not. There are some methods involved that greatly help and can get free PSN codes without spending money on it. But today if you see thousands of people are getting fooled undergoing through the happening of scams respectively.

Easy Ways to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards

How to get Free PlayStation gift card codes 2019

Therefore, Keeping all such things into mind, one should take appropriate care before accessing these PSN codes very well. As a result, let us start analyzing each and every method provided in a clear and better understandable format.

7 Easy Ways to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards

Try out the below methods for getting multiple and 10% working PSN codes through it for free right here. For instance, we have come with certain free PSN codes provided right below. Anybody can access and make use of them without any fail. Let us go through all the methods one by one for earning free PSN codes and gift cards respectively. Instead of Using the PSN Code Generators you can directly use these methods to get the psn codes.

  • Free and Working PSN Code Lists
  • Earn Free PSN Codes Through PSNReward
  • Get Free PSN Codes Using Swagbucks
  • Easy Way to Get Free PSN Codes Using PayPrizes
  • Earn Free PSN Codes Using Reward Point Websites
  • Get PSN Codes through Free Giveaway sites
  • The Barter System or Trading Codes to Get Free PSN Codes

Accessing the below methods and getting free PSN codes is not that complicated. The process is simple and easy to understand. Let us go through right immediately.

Free and Working PSN Code Lists

The following are the lists of free and working PSN codes. The one who likes to earn free PSN code can pick the one among the lists and can access it very well.


SNO PSN codes Working Status
1 WQA9-DVFE-GXYZ working
2 U56Y-WGSF-TQZS working
3 LTV8-ZCPG-3UVC working
4 G85X-A48K-MF49 used
5 5NXA-X6Y6-KB9M working
6 YKEZ-MFRH-HG74 used
7 HZKK-DC5B-4EVL working
8 JCE4-B66N-VQ3N working
9 J3LU-4M5L-5JU5 working
10 CPLN-WSJW-APJU working

If you like to have more free PSN codes, simply get access to psncode.site without stepping back.

Earn Free PSN Codes Through PSNReward

If you are looking for the best and perfect place to earn a free PSN Gift card, getting access to the official site called PSNreward much better comparatively. But how PSNReward works? Let me explain to you in detail. Before you look forward to earning free PSN gift cards, one must register themselves providing the details like name and associated email address respectively.

psn code generator that actually works

After the successful registration process, get login by providing all your email id for having further assistance. If you look, you can notice unlimited tasks like playing games, filling out all such surveys and much more can be worked out. doing so greatly helps to earn gift cards in return successfully. Also, if you take a chance ad log in on a regular basis, you can earn codes to a greater extent.

Once the points were earned can be redeemed successfully. Just simply pick the points for receiving the gift card you like to go with. Therefore, convert all such points into gift cards respectively. After getting points successfully, have a chance to earn as many gift cards you need very well. And later these gift cards will provide you free PSN codes, sent through associated email addresses respectively that can be used further.

Get Free PSN Codes Using Swagbucks

Accessing Swagbucks is the most simple and funny way to earn multiple free gift cards respectively. In order to access, one must sign up for free without any fail. And then you are asked to earn the free gift cards or points through answering surveys, watching entertained videos, shopping online and much more to a greater extent.

psn code generator no survey

Finally, asked to redeem the points for earning free gift available over 100 famous retailers respectively. Gift cards are available from Amazon, Paypal, Master Card, Walmart and much more. As a result, complete the whole tasks and earn the gift cards which are redeemed for getting free PSN codes without any fail.

Easy Way to Get Free PSN Codes Using PayPrizes

PayPrize, considered as the best web site that allows earning free play station gift cards possible without facing any kind of failure. Just simply enter the email id and tap on get started for initiating the whole process. Or else sign in with Google to access further.

free psn code generator

In simple, how one can earn points through PayPrize? By completing surveys, downloading apps, answering all questions associated with respectively. Each task will generate points that can be redeemed further, in turn, earning gift cards or money successfully.

Earn Free PSN Codes Using Reward Point Websites

The Reward Point Websites do the same!!! All this greatly helps to earn points by completing or fulfilling multiple tasks conducted through them. But in order to perform, one must register and then are allowed to participate in fulfilling whole tasks respectively.

Later by earning points can be redeemed in the form of PSN codes without any fail. Also, remember the PSN codes were totally US-related. That means the person who is going to access these particular codes must have a US Playstation account without any fail.

Therefore to access and earn PSN codes through Reward point websites, you must aware of these sites that deal with. Especially the places like the USA, Canada, Australia and many more. Also, these sites come up with referral programs, that help to invite friends and bring new users to the referral links very well.

Get PSN Codes through Free Giveaway sites

When you notice today, there are a lot of youtube people and users who totally on the social platform will giveaway free PSN codes without any fail. One must subscribe to the respective channel which is none other than considered as a requirement to enter the giveaway successfully.

free psn card codes that work

The users also get more chances when a company of the person who has influence at social platform sponsors this particular giveaway. Therefore, you are requested to follow all such channels sponsored giveaways through Google Play Gift cards and much more very well.

Lists of giveaways can be found through /r/giveaways subreddit at any cost. Pick the one best subreddit you like to go with, copy the URL and navigate to the Google.com search engine for earning all the PSN codes respectively.

Enter the following at the respective Google search engine. Remember this is what to locate and get free PSN codes respectively.

psn code site: https://www.reddit.com/r/giveaways/

Also, one can search for the gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Master card. any. This is where one can officially use them to earn free PSN codes without facing any kind of trouble.

The Barter System or Trading Codes to Get Free PSN Codes

This is what the person either gets the birthday present or won the gift card in which the person does not show any interest to redeem or convert it. As such the code got purchased cannot be returned anymore. In that case, you can think about offering the same code to others through a perfect platform.

This is none other than called for Reddit or eBay respectively. Whatever it might be, the /r/psncodes is one of the top sites that greatly helps to share psn codes which you really don’t need. Just go with the quick search as millions of users getting access with even today.


I hope the information provided or updated here is totally clear. If you like to learn more related to or any doubts, just simply mention at the below comment box. So that we help and guide you accordingly. Also, like the article, share with friends and also through any of the social networking sites without making any second thought. Keep in touch with psncode for learning more and more interesting tutorials updated here. Thank you.


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