Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4: Step by Steps to Fix the PS4 Issue

Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4: The yellow light error is usually a serious symptom in the PS4 (40 and 60 Gb). We tell you a very simple method to fix it provisionally with a hairdryer.

The error is known as “The yellow light of death” is one of the worst that Playstation 4 can suffer. It indicates a serious hardware failure, specifically of the motherboard, and in many cases, it is usually the reason why many users are forced to buy a new console since the repair can cost more than 120 USD. The funny thing is that there are certain models more prone to this fateful error, the ps4 of 40 and 60 Gb are the ones that have registered this problem and everything indicates that it is due to the poor quality of the welds they are made with a tin and lead alloy.

Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4

PS4 Repair: Yellow Light of Death

The successive warming caused by the use cause the welds to deteriorate until the day they no longer make contact and we get scared with the dreaded yellow light, after this, the console does not turn on for more than we try. Luckily Sony solved this problem in later models, however, if you have the bad luck of having a PS4 error of 40 or 60 Gb and you get the yellow light the prognosis is not very good. Now let’s check what we can do to fix the issue.

Steps to Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4 Error

The most sensible option (and also the most expensive ) would be to call the technical service to fix it, but if you do not want to spend money on your PS4 there is a homemade method that can get you out of trouble. It is very important that only users who have a PS4 of 40 or 60 Gb without guarantee follow, we insist that otherwise the warranty is invalidated. The tool needed to solve the fault is something we all have at home, a hairdryer (yes, we have not been wrong).

Yellow Light of Death PS4

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Fixing Yellow Light of Death Using Hairdryer

What we do is, with the help of the hot air expelled by the dryer, re-melt the welds so that they make contact and our PS4 turns on again. It must be taken into account that it is a provisional solution and there is no guarantee that it will work in all cases, it has worked for us and we have been able to extract the backup to avoid losing the games but then failed again, We must insist. However, there are users who claim to have “resurrected” their PS4 and have not failed for months.

Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4 using Hair Dryer

If you have no guarantee and do not want to spend money on the repair you can try this method that is also very easy but remember that it is at your own risk. If you want a more reliable solution, it is best to go to the technical service.

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1) Logically, the first thing to do is to disconnect all cables from the PS4 in order to handle it. We place it on a flat surface where we are comfortable and preferably in a horizontal position.

2) Now we take the dryer and start giving hot air through the grilles at the back, always making movements to distribute the heat and being careful not to get too close or the grid will wrinkle. You have to do this between five and ten minutes without stopping, the PS4 will get very hot especially at the bottom but quiet, that’s what we want.

3) Before trying to turn on the PS4 it must be allowed to cool and the longer the better. Some recommend that ten minutes are enough but in our case, we tried it and, although it turned on, in just a few seconds it went out again due to overheating. If you can leave it at least a much better hour, another trick is to give cold air with the dryer if it has that function, so it will go faster.

4) If, when trying to turn on the PS4, it still does not respond or turns off immediately, repeat the process until you can stabilize it. In our case, we had to do it twice to keep it on for an hour and then turn it off again. It is a matter of being patient and also a bit of luck.

So you can use these tricks to fix the issue and use the ps4 as usual. You can enjoy using your ps4 without any yellow light of death. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Share the article if you like it. Stay tuned to PSN Codes for more awesome articles.

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