He Punishes His Son Without PlayStation for Harassing The British Fernando Simon in the Street and Saying that He Lies about Covid

PlayStation: “This is not how I have educated him. The video has affected me a lot and has caused me stress and anxiety,” said the woman.

Earlier in the week, Chris Witty, the ‘ British Fernando Simón ‘, was harassed in the middle of the street by a 15-year-old who called him a “liar” while recording a video for TikTok. But, after his publication went viral, the boy’s mother, completely embarrassed, has punished him without console.

Chris Witty, UK Medical Director, harassed by a 15-year-old on the street.


Chris Witty, UK Medical Director, appears regularly on national television updating data and information on the Covid pandemic, making him a well-known face in the country. For this reason, this young man recognized him and found it amusing to address him in such a rude and harassing way.

“Man, what are you saying? You are a liar. You lie about the Covid-19 cases. Stop lying on television, ” was what he came to say in a mocking tone on the street of London, with more people present.

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Faced with such a stir, politicians protested and highlighted the importance of the work carried out by the Health Office and its director, Chris Witty. And so does the mother of this child, who spoke to the Daily Mail to show her disagreement with her son.

” This is not how I have educated him and it is not the behaviour I expect from him, ” he said. “The video has affected me a lot and has caused me stress and anxiety. I have not slept well since I saw it because I was very upset by how he spoke.”

” I have taken the PlayStation, which is what he likes the most,” he added. Even so, he also explained that he has not punished him without leaving because with the pandemic he is barely treading the street as before.

The truth is that she wanted to emphasize that, although his behaviour was out of place, her son is very intelligent and is interested in politics, which is why she was able to recognize the United Kingdom’s medical director on the street: “Many adolescents do not know who It’s Chris Whitty, but my son watches the news regularly and is very up-to-date on the coronavirus situation. ”

“They are occupational hazards,” said Chris Witty about this event, to which he reacted impassively and without responding. Even so, the 47-year-old woman assured that she is going to force her son to record a video in which she apologizes to him.

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