How to Land Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2 & Few Other Tricks

If you want to land faster in Fortnite chapter 2, we give you an infallible trick that pro players are starting to use to have advantages in games.

With the arrival of Fortnite chapter 2, there are many new tricks that are being removed from unpublished elements and locations on the map, and you must be aware of them to thrive in your games. That is why you should start learning and using all these tricks for Fortnite chapter 2 because they are going to come in handy.

How to Land Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 Guide: How to Land Faster Easily

In addition to being able to land faster, there are tricks to reuse the fires in Fortnite chapter 2 and that perhaps you still did not know, and that you can use to heal during games.

How to Land Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2 & Other Tricks like the Reuse of Bonfires

You can get fired with the motorboat cannon

If you play in duos or squadrons you can place one of your teammates, or yourself, in the cannon of the speedboat located in the upper left of the vehicle. When making the shot, the character will be shot approximately 100 m, ideal if you want to reach a distant structure of the enemy and ambush him. Do not worry because you will not lose a life.

fired with the motorboat cannon

So you can reuse the fires

If you use a bonfire and need more life, or find a bonfire that has already been used, you should not worry. If you approach it and invest 300 wooden units, you can restore it as many times as you want.

reuse the fires in Fortnite Chapter 2

You can land faster

Similar to what happened with the zip lines in Chapter 1, you can now land faster if you do that of the umbrellas that are scattered across several map locations. In this way, pull the battle bus, unfold your umbrella, and fall on one of these umbrellas to take advantage of a small impulse towards the ground, and you will see that you do not receive damage from falling.

land faster in Fortnite Chapter 2

It is especially useful that you can do it on those umbrellas that are on the roofs of the buildings because after jumping on them after falling from the battle bus, they will allow you to jump directly to the ground taking advantage of the momentum. This will make you land faster than your rivals and thus start collecting resources before anyone else.

Get resources from enemy buildings

If you are short of resources, do not worry, because if you destroy the enemy buildings with your peak. You can search for all these resources and add them to your inventory. In this way, you already have a new reason to destroy the structures of the enemies.

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Life and infinite shield in the lake of Pringoso Swamp

If you go to the location of Pringoso Swamp and find a fluorescent blue lake, do not fear because it is good. This lake will give you life and infinite shield. So it is ideal that you visit it every time you are in this area.

Life and infinite shield in the lake of Pringoso Swamp

Use bazooka not to suffer fall damage

Similar to what the wick gun did, if you shoot the bazooka just before touching the ground after a great fall, you will not lose any life.

Protect yourself while you are swimming

Still, many people do not know that you can protect yourself while you are swimming. In this way, while doing this action you can build roofs on top of you so that nobody can shoot you.

So you can fish much safer

When fishing you are exposed to the rest of the enemies. So that they can’t hit you, you can always build a structure around you, and throw the rod through the door that you can close or open while you fish. If you don’t want to build any structure, the only way you have is to move from side to side.

you can fish much safer

Quickly exploit trucks in Swamp Pringoso

You already know that if you destroy the trucks that are located in Pringoso Swamp, they release a substance that fills your life. Well, you can destroy them much faster and easier if you place a structure through them and see that they will explode at the moment.

With these new tricks for Fortnite chapter 2, you will have certain advantages in your next games. Enjoy using these awesome tricks and play the Fortnite Chapter 2 game like a pro gamer. We hope you like this article and willing to share the article with your friends and families and with people who love to play Fortnite game. Stay tuned to PSN Codes for more awesome tricks and tips on the latest games.

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