New PlayStation 1 Game Released Two Decades After Sony Rejected It

The New PlayStation 1 was released in 1994 and was discontinued in 2006. Still, one of the developers decided to terminate the game. The development of ‘Magic Castle’ began in 1998, but it could not finally be released and has recently been completed.

Despite the PlayStation being released in 1994 (in Japan) and discontinued in 2006, it seems that games from Sony’s first console are still being released. This is the case of Magic Castle, a title that began its development in 1998 but has recently been completed.

New PlayStation 1 game released two decades after Sony rejected it

Some small Japanese programmers spent eight months developing this game, but no publisher wanted to commercialize it, not even Sony. However, as PS1 games are still alive thanks to emulators, PIROWO, one of the team members, decided to get down to business and release it.

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The programmer recently found the source code and decided to finish it so that it could be released online. And said and done, because you can now download the game from the developer website Net Yaroze.

Back in the day, they released a VHS tape to show the game, when Sony was interested in it. But eventually, they asked to be dropped and worked on another game.

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