PlayStation 5 Achieves Biggest Console Launch in Sony History

PlayStation 5 achieves the biggest console launch in Sony history: Through the official PlayStation account on Twitter, has confirmed that the launch of the PlayStation 5 has been the largest on record in Sony’s history. In the same tweet, the company says that the demand for the new console “is unprecedented” and reports that before the end of the year it will distribute more units in stores. Sony urges those interested in purchasing a PlayStation 5 to contact retailers.

“We want to thank all gamers for making the PS5 launch the biggest we’ve ever had,” reads the post from PlayStation on Twitter. “The demand for PlayStation 5 is unprecedented and we want to confirm that more units will hit stores before the end of the year. Please keep in touch with them.

PlayStation 5 achieves biggest console launch in Sony history

For now, Sony has not published sales data for PlayStation 5, but if we take into account the data obtained by PlayStation 4 we see how it managed to sell 1 million units in 24 hours in the United States, a figure that rose to 2.1 million after two weeks, when the console arrived in Europe.

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Now and seven years later PlayStation 5 has exceeded this last figure. It is also true that PlayStation 5 has been launched in more territories than PlayStation 4, which arrived in Japan months later than in the United States and Europe.

Most likely, the Japanese company will make public the figures of PlayStation 5 sold when the Christmas campaign concludes, something it has already done in previous years. We recall that Sony’s goal is for more than 7.6 million PlayStation 5 to have been sold by March 31, 2021, which if it exceeds this figure will have exceeded the initial sales of PlayStation 4. Stay in touch with PSNCode for the more latest news on Playstation.

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