Playstation 5 How To Solve The Coil Whine Problem

Playstation 5 How To Solve The Coil Whine Problem: Have you recently purchased a PlayStation 5 and have noticed that it emits a strange electrical hum when playing games that intensify at specific times? So know that your console suffers from a problem called coil whine and involves numerous Sony new generation consoles.

Playstation 5 How To Solve The Coil Whine Problem

This problem is quite common in electronic devices and it is not uncommon to come across motherboards and video cards which, once mounted, emit this kind of hum in a more or less insistent way when the machine is running due to the vibration of a capacitor (as in the case of PlayStation 5) or other electronic components.

Unfortunately, many PlayStation 5 units also suffer from this problem, which can manifest itself with noise levels ranging from a slight noise that can hardly be heard by those who are a few meters from the console to a strong hum that can be clearly distinguished even if you are not there. located within walking distance of PS5.

What Should I Do if a Console Experiences This Problem?

Unfortunately, there is no solution other than to keep the console as it is and perhaps position it so that the noise does not reach the ears of those who are playing. In extreme cases, i.e. those in which the noise is so loud as to prevent the user from playing peacefully, it is possible to contact Sony support and arrange for a replacement of the machine, which may not be immediate due to the shortage of stocks. Worldwide.

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It should be noted that in some cases it is possible that the Sony console does not suffer from coil whine and that the noise that bothers you so much during gaming sessions is nothing more than the sound produced by the fan that continues to touch a label.

This small object has in fact been mounted incorrectly on a number of gaming machines and the sound it produces due to the fan repeatedly hitting it is very similar to coil whine, misleading players to think that it is another kind of problem. In this regard, on our pages, you will find information on how to identify the badly mounted label on PlayStation 5 in order to then remove it and make the console more silent.

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