PS4 HDMI Port Not Working: How to Manage the Display of Your Console

PS4 HDMI Port Not Working: your PS4 is ON but you have no picture and/or no sound? You may have a problem with your HDMI connection. In this article, you will find some tips that will help you to detect your HDMI PS4 problems and solve them!

A few months ago, we explained how to fix the ps4 display problems, including freeze the image of your PS4. This time we give you new tips so that you do not have any problem in HDMI PS4. In general, these problems are related to either the cables, your TV, or your console.

PS4 HDMI Port Not Working

How to Troubleshoot PS4 HDMI – PlayStation 4 Guide

Now let’s check the reason why the ps4 HDMI connection is not working and why the tv is not connecting using the below steps. Without wasting any time let’s start the process of troubleshooting all the steps to find the error.

PS4 HDMI Port Not Working: Check the Connections

A lot of the problems of HDMI PS4 are simply due to your connections. If your console is turned on properly but nothing is displayed on the screen, make sure your cable is properly connected to your console in the correct location. Warning, never force a cable to enter a port of your console! Many people are forcing and damaging the ports of their devices or the ends of their cables!

PS4 HDMI Check Wire Connections

The cable plugged in, make it move a little to see if it is not damaged. Indeed, when your cable has undergone many twists, the wires may no longer be able to pass the power required to transport electricity. If you find that your cable is wayward, we suggest you take a new one.

Also, try another HDMI cable if you have the option. If the display works normally with the other cable, do not use the old one anymore.

Get on the Right HDMI Channel

It may sound really silly, but if your TV does not display any signal, it may be that you are not on the right channel. You must set your TV to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 depending on the port that is connected to it (the title of the channels depends on your device).

Test the Console on Another TV

It also happens that some TVs even with HDMI ports are not compatible. In order to check if your TV is in question, we suggest you test your console on another TV (at a friend or neighbor). If your console works fine on the other TV you will be sure that the problem does not come from your console. You will either have settings to do on your TV, or you will have to find a compatible one.

Test the Console on Another TV

Hdmi ps4 problem: Try safe mode

Did you notice that the display problem does not come from your cable or TV? The HDMI problem probably comes from your PS4. We recommend that you try Safe Mode, which allows your console to work with as little functionality as possible.


Step 1: Press the power button on your PS4 to turn it off completely.

Step 2: reignited z then your console by long-pressing the same button until you hear a second “beep”.

Step 3: Change the resolution of your screen by choosing option 2.

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You have a PS4 Pro:

If you have a PS4 PRO, the easiest way is to check the compatibility of your TV with your PS4. If your TV is operating in 4K but you have a black screen, you may need to configure your hardware again.

In general, your TV must be 4K 60Hz compatible and have an HDMI 2.0 port. If your TV shows a black screen when it combines all these criteria, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Disable the HDR.
  • Plug your PS4 Pro into an HDCP 2.0 port.
  • In the settings of your TV, activate the HDR.
  • Put back the HDCP 1.4 option, if your screen stays black, go to the Recovery Menu and choose HDCP in 1.4.
  • Shut down and restart your PS4.

Check the status of your HDMI port

If you do not have a video signal but your console light your console is still white, your HDMI port may be a problem. On the other hand, if you have noticed that the port pin is depressed or broken, this may prevent the image display from working properly.

Warning: This point is particularly relevant for early versions of PS4. To avoid this problem, the owners of this PS4 had to lift the rod which normally serves to prevent unwanted disconnections.

Check the status of your HDMI port

If the PS4 you own is part of the very first released versions, it may be affected by this problem:

Step 1: Turn off and unplug your console completely,

Step 2: Remove all cables to which your PS4 is connected

Step 3: Take a small paperclip or pin to lift the small metal rod that prevents your HDMI cable from being properly connected to your PS4.

The Problems of the HDMI Circuit of Your PS4

It can also happen that even if you have not observed any problem on the side of your cable, your TV or the HDMI port the problem persists. In this case, the cause is probably deeper, it will be necessary to intervene in the internal components of the console.

For example, if you notice crackling on your screen or an encrypted picture, this may be due to a malfunction in the HDMI circuit of the PS4. Same if you noticed that your PS4 was no longer working on HDTVs.

If it was not a Problem of HDMI PS4?

The last case scenario may arise, having similar symptoms to an HDMI PS4 problem. If you notice that there is no image on the screen or sound but the light of the console stays blue, then you face a Blue Light of Death. Your display problem is related to a problem on your graphics card! The graphics card is repairable, but we advise you to call an expert because it is an operation that requires special equipment!

That’s it, it was our advice to diagnose the main display problems related to HDMI. Tell us if you had this problem of HDMI PS4 in the comments. Stay tuned to PSN Codes to Learn more about PlayStations.

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