PS4 Not Working – 5 Common Problems with PS4 {Fix 2021}

Sometimes problems arise with PlayStation 4 that needs an urgent solution. The console does not turn on, the control does not synchronize, you cannot find the serial number, you are not sure where the warranty seals are… We solve these and other questions in this PS4 not working article.

The PS4 console is very advanced hardware that works in demanding conditions. So it is logical that a problem ever occurs, which requires a quick solution. Why does the console not turn on? Why does the black screen look? Where is the serial number of the console? Oh no! The disc has stuck and does not come out.

PS4 Not Working

he Most Common PS4 Problems, and How to Fix Them

In those moments of tension, the last thing you want is to waste time looking for a solution on the Internet. That is why we have created this PS4 Not Working Fix Guide. A compilation of the most common problems and failures of PlayStation 4, and their solution. Keep it always at hand and it will take you out of more of a hurry in those distressing moments in which it seems that the console will pass to a better life. You will save many dislikes! So now let’s have a look at each problem and their fixes.

PS4 Not Working – Steps to Fix for Most Common Problem of PS4

As we have mentioned above, they are the main problems with ps4 but they can be solved easily. We here explain the best solutions for the most common problems. You can check the problems and their solutions below. Do check them and solve your issue. Even we have provided the best working psn code generator to generate unlimited working psn codes. You can check them and enjoy using the codes for free. Now Let’s have a look at these problems.

Problem 1: The Console Does Not Turn ON

If the PS4 console does not seem to work when you press the PlayStation button on the gamepad, it may be due to several reasons.


  • First, check that it is not a wiring problem. Disconnect the power cable from both the console and the plug, and reconnect it. If you use a power strip, plug the console directly into a wall socket.
  • If the console is very hot, wait for it to cool.
  • The gamepad may have been out of sync and that’s why it doesn’t communicate with the console, to turn it on. Connect it with a USB cable to the console and try to turn it on.
  • Turn it on by directly pressing the power button on the console.
  • Look closely, lest the console work, but it is the TV that does not show the image. In that case, go to the next point.
  • If the PS4 still does not start, it is time to call the technical service.

Problem 2: The Screen Is Black

Does the PlayStation 4 console turn on, but no image appears on TV? This is one of the most common problems of PS4.

PS4 Black Screen fix

  • Start by checking the HDMI cable. Disconnect it at both ends, turn it over (the connector that was going to the console, put it on the TV now), and try again. Connect the HDMI cable to another HDMI connector on the TV. Use another HDMI cable.
  • Sometimes, if you turn off the console by pressing the power button without closing the applications, or the light goes out, the video settings are deleted, and the default image mode is not compatible with your TV. So the image is seen black In that case you have to do an emergency restart. Press the console power off button and leave it pressed for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps. Then an emergency start will occur and the Safe Mode menu will appear.
  • Use the Change Resolution option to select the resolution of your TV. Then choose Restart PS4 to boot the console. Now it should be seen. If all else fails, call the technical service.

Problem 3: DualShock 4 Does Not Connect

If the PS4 control does not match the console, the control light shines intermittently, lag (delay) occurs in the movements, or does not respond directly, the connection must be restarted. These are the steps:

Common PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix ThemCommon PS4 Problems and How to Fix Them

  • Turn off the console and router, and disconnect the plugs of both devices
  • Connect the console and turn it on, but not the router. If the gamepad works, it is that there was an interference with the router channel. You have to turn it on again, access the router settings, and change the channel to 1 or 11
  • If the problem has not been resolved, look for the reset button on the remote, near the L2 trigger:
  • Use an unfolded clip or a small watchmaker’s screwdriver to press the tiny button inside the hole. Press it for a few seconds to reset the gamepad
  • Connect the gamepad to the console through a USB cable to pair it again. That should solve the problem.

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Problem 4: The Gamepad Does Not Vibrate

Has the vibration of the PS4 controller stopped working? Check that it has not been disconnected

  • From the PS4 home screen, touch the joystick up to access the tools. Enter Settings, Devices, Controls.
  • Make sure the Vibration option is enabled
  • If it is but does not work, reset the command as explained in the Connection Problems section
  • If the engine vibrates but there are clicks or strange noises, you will have to replace it

Problem 5: Where is the Serial Number? And the Model?

The location of the serial number and the console model changes depending on whether it is an original PS4, Slim or PS4 Pro.

most common PlayStation 4 problems

  • The model number begins with CUH and has 4 numbers and one letter. For example CUH-7016B. The serial number has 17 characters, letters or numbers. It is located under a barcode. We can find these two data in the box, or in the console itself.
  • In the box, it is usually found at the base, in a cut area. The serial number is not visible from the outside, but the model is.
  • This data also appears on the side or on the back of the console, on a small white sticker.

So these are the main common problems with ps4. We have provided the complete step by step process to fix the issues. We hope you like the article and all the methods are shown in the article we’re working for you. Share the article and like us on social media networks. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay Tuned to PSN Codes for more information on Playstation.

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