PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim – Which Should I Choose in 2019? [Simple Guide]

Three years after launching the PS4, PlayStation has introduced the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro with few but important developments. The new PS4 Pro and Slim have arrived to shake the hornet among its biggest fans, either for its technical characteristics or for breaking the usual cycles of hardware renewal.

We have the necessary questions and answers to understand what is behind these new releases. Evolution or revolution? Know the complete in and out details of the ps4 pro vs ps4 slim.

PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim

PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which PlayStation console is right for you

So in this article, we will mention all the important points of both the ps4 game consoles. You can check each and every pointed in the article clearly and start making your own decision. Now let’s check in detail in this Playstation¬†Codes Site.

PS4 Slim, why?

It is only a response to the traditional demand of the market to review the design of a console when it takes time in the market. It is 30% smaller, weighs 25% less, its energy consumption has been reduced by 34% and, surely, the cost of manufacturing is much more ‘optimal’ for Sony. Nothing new under the Sun. It will replace the current PS4 model, launched less than three years ago, and will be cheaper.

Which PlayStation Should You Buy

PS4 Pro, why?

The PS4 Pro – formerly known as Neo – is just the opposite of the Slim philosophy. Compared to the genuine PS4, it is bulkier, weighs more and its energy consumption is much higher. All this has a reason: it is more powerful graphically than any other PS4. In theory, its performance will be better in games adapted for it and also brings 4K TV functions with streaming in this same resolution. That to start.

Which PlayStation console is right for you

What Changes in the Hardware of PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim?

Internally, the new consoles provide substantial differences in some sections. Between the PS4 and the PS4 Slim, we could highlight the update to BlueTooth 4.0 and, finally, WiFi connection with 5 GHz bands. Externally, the shutdown and eject disc buttons are that, buttons. The tactile surface characteristic of its previous version is therefore abandoned. Another highlight is the loss of the optical port on the Slim, depriving its users of using sound equipment with that connection.

Which Should I Choose in 2019

From PS4 to PS4 Pro the changes are more remarkable. On the physical level, we have three ‘floors’ that maintain the aesthetic coherence of the first design we met. The front buttons have changed places. For example, the Power button is under the slot of the Blu-Ray reader, on the left, while the Eject button is far to the right. On the other hand, it has an additional USB port and an S / PDIF optical port. But, without a doubt, its main internal change is in the GPU, capable of reaching 4.20 teraflops (more than double than the other PS4) thanks to AMD’s latest Polaris architecture.

How about the user experience {PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim}?

Between PS4 and PS4 Slim, invaluable. But, on the PS4 Pro? A potential graphic performance like the one described must result in a substantial change in the images we observe on our television. Therefore, the new console is capable of generating 4K graphics (re-scaled, non-native), is compatible with HDR – improved contrast and color gamut – and supports streaming video at 4K. In the games, these will have a rate of images per second higher than the first PS4.

PlayStation 4 vs. PS4 Slim

Even if you do not have a 4K TV, those titles prepared for it can be viewed at 1,080p resolution and 60fps. In fact, games that take advantage of the PS4 Pro hardware will carry a badge on the cover, such as Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, Mass Effect Andromeda, FIFA 16 or Battlefield 1. On the other hand, the PS VR, in combination with the new console, also benefit from the extra power. In theory, this was one of the reasons for the existence of the Pro.

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Will there be a Generation Gap?

Sony has dedicated itself body and soul not to anger the buyers of the genuine PS4. All games compatible with the PS4 will be in the PS4 Pro and, more importantly, the other way around. There will be no exclusive games for the most powerful console. The Pro is compatible with games downloaded from the PSN, with data saved in PS4 and friend lists, to name a few examples. You can transfer data from your old PS4 to the PS4 Pro through an ethernet cable without inconvenience.

Should I buy PS4 Pro or Slim

In short, only if you have a 4K TV – or want more performance fluidity – will you make the most of what the PS4 Pro can provide. And if not, you can continue enjoying your original PS4 console as before. Even with PlayStation VR.

gadget Opinion

The Pro is the best PS4 that has existed so far, true, but it’s not much better than the Xbox One S recently launched by Microsoft. As a detail, this new PlayStation, which has 4K resolution per flag, does not integrate Blu-Ray UHD or 4K, something that the new Xbox does. Why? According to Sony, because they want to focus on the gaming experience.

They say from the company that we already have platforms like Netflix or YouTube to enjoy 4K content. And if we enter the field of games, we do not finish believing that development studies do not take advantage of the last teraflop you can give. In other words, we find it odd that the Japanese company – later – does not advertise games (VR included) and exclusive features for the PS4 Pro.

As we say other times, only time will clear the unknowns/doubts surrounding this new release. For now, we have new hardware ahead of us that can do more things and that fits perfectly into Sony’s plans to place virtual reality within everyone’s reach. We will remain attentive.

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