PS5 Between HDR And SDR: Color Rendering Problems Reported By Digital Foundry

PS5 Between HDR And SDR Color Rendering Problems Reported By Digital Foundry: While rumours are spreading about the backward compatibility of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on PS5, several gamers report on Resetera some issues with the color rendering of titles in SDR.

A sensation recently confirmed by some statements from the editors of Digital Foundry. In fact, as you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, Alexander Battaglia highlighted the problem from the Twitter pages by commenting on two snapshots of the Demon’s Souls start screen on an OLED panel and on an LCD.

PS5 Between HDR And SDR

By disabling HDR on the next-gen console, the game’s SDR rendering has some shortcomings. In particular, the black point and the brilliance of the colors offer a distorted effect.

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John Linneman also spoke on the issue, reiterating how the SDR output has problems on PlayStation 5 . According to the editor of Digital Foundry, maintaining the same game settings, PS5 offers on this front a performance inferior to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox systems.

The latter also reports in particular shortcomings in the rendering of black tones. At the moment, Digital Foundry does not seem to have reported possible solutions already available, with the problem that may require a dedicated update from Sony.

Meanwhile, the blockade of the Suez Canal appears to have the ability to slow down PlayStation 5’s inventory build. Stay tuned to PSNCode Generator for the latest updates on Playstation.

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