PS5 The Steps Forward Made By Packing: It Is Completely Recyclable

PS5 The Steps Forward Made By Packing: It Is Completely Recyclable: In the last fifty years, the use of plastic materials has increased twenty times, but according to data collected by Sony’s One Blue Ocean Project, only 9% of them are recycled. For this reason, the Japanese giant has kept specifying that PlayStation 5 is distributed in completely recyclable packaging.

PS5 The Steps Forward Made By Packing

In 2020 Sony Corporation outlined the Green Management 2025 plan committing to eliminating any plastic material from the packaging of its products by 2025, an indispensable step to take towards the established goal of becoming a zero-impact company by 2050.

The packaging of the PlayStation 4 peripherals, for example, included at least 70% recycled PET, but with the PlayStation 5, Sony has decided not to compromise, minimizing the use of plastic material to make the packaging completely recyclable.

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The packages of the new generation console do not include expanded polystyrene to cushion shocks, but inserts and paper pillows. Plastic cables have been replaced by paper cables, and where possible the classic plastic bags have been removed. There are no more transparent windows to show the product on the outside, plus all the inner boxes are closed with folding tabs, not with glue.

In this way, each PS5 package can be considered for 93-99% of its weight free from plastic materials. Sony will also test the inclusion of recycled polypropylene from industrial waste in 2021.

Speaking of the console itself, we would like to point out that the April update for PS5 was published today.

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