PS5 Two Young English Touts Brag That They’ve Earned Thousands Of Pounds

PS5 Two Young English Touts Brag That They’ve Earned Thousands Of Pounds: That of the low stocks of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is a problem that still persists today almost six months after the launch of the new hardware and according to the Chinese factories, the situation is not destined to improve within a short time. To these difficulties is added the problem of touts.

In particular, in the United Kingdom, an anti-scalper law is being thought of and in this regard, the BBC interviewed two very young touts who in recent months have earned thousands of pounds by reviewing PS5 at stratospheric prices.

PS5 Two Young English Touts Brag

Among these, we find the eighteen-year-old Jake ( invented name) who claimed to have pocketed £ 10,000 since November by buying and reselling the Sony console at a higher price than the list ” especially in the first weeks when a PS5 could also be sold for 800 pounds. ”

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Jake defends his business and calls himself ” some sort of entrepreneur “, aware that this type of business is also carried out by second-hand shops such as CEX (a very popular second-hand chain in the UK). ” Why should I stay in my room playing video games like every 18 years old, instead of devoting myself to something else? This is easy money. ”

17-year-old Sam thinks so too, who has been earning around 2,000 pounds a month since November. Both touts claim to have received in recent months ” many threats from adults between the ages of 30 and 40 ” due to their business, but they will not stop buying and reselling at higher prices, at least until when there will be good demand for this type of offer. Stay tuned to PSNCode for more updated news on Playstation.

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