PS5 Update 21.01 How To Activate 120 HZ AT 1080P And Automatic HDR

PS5 Update 21.01 How To Activate 120 HZ AT 1080P And Automatic HDR: As you have surely noticed by turning on your PlayStation 5, this morning the update of the PS5 operating system to version 21.01 made its debut. Among the novelties of the latest firmware we also find additional options for what concerns the video output settings, let’s find out together.

PS5 Update

How to Activate Automatic HDR

The first step is to access the settings menu, which contains the “Display and video” item. Select it to see all resolution, refresh rate and HDR options. In this regard, you can move the cursor to the “HDR” item and, by pressing the X key, select one of the following three options: Disabled, Always active and Active if supported.

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Here’s what changes between the different choices:

Off: Disables HDR, regardless of whether the panel you are using supports this feature or not
Always active: with this option the console always keeps HDR enabled, even on products that do not have support for this feature
Activate if supported: the last option, introduced with the recently published update, allows you to keep HDR active only and exclusively in games/films that support it and to disable it for those that do not implement it.

How to Enable 120Hz at 1080p

This much-requested feature has finally been introduced with the latest PlayStation 5 firmware and allows many users to take advantage of the increased refresh rate, supported by various online multiplayer titles such as Destiny 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. . Many 4K TVs, in fact, do not support 120 Hz at the maximum resolution but only at 1440p (resolution not supported by PS5) and 1080p. If your panel supports 120 Hz in Full HD you can enable them directly from the settings menu. Visit the “Display and Video” tab and move the slider down until you find the “Enable 120 Hz output” item, which can be set to disable or Automatic. Select the second option to make titles that support this feature allow you to play at a higher framerate by sacrificing resolution.

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