Sony Patents a System to Use Banana and Other Everyday Objects as a Controller for its PlayStation

Sony Patents a System: Sony made a patent with the name of “system and method to generate user inputs for a video game”, and the example that appears in it is a banana. Sony’s patent leaves the possible use of a banana as a functional remote up in the air.

The well-known company Sony has registered a patent on a new video game control system that is somewhat alternative to the controls that we usually use for consoles.

Sony patents a system to use a banana and other everyday objects as a controller for its PlayStation

This patent called ‘System and method to generate user inputs for a video game’ was registered in July 2020 and used a banana as an example of a “cheap, simple and non-electronic object as a video game peripheral”, according to the patent itself. Sony’s idea is to be able to use any non-luminous passive object that is being held by a user: bananas, oranges, cups, pens, etc.

How This ‘command’ Works

This idea may seem crazy at first glance, but its operation is quite simple: a camera that would take images of the object that the player is holding -as long as it does not emit light, since it can make it difficult to detect the position-, and which would then record its shape through a mapping to determine what the action buttons would be.

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After this kind of ‘scanner’, our object would already be ready to be used as a control controller for our favourite video games. Some illustrations are part of the patent of the Japanese company “Sony”

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Is This the Future that Sony is Betting On?

Registering a patent does not always imply that the company wants to start developing its project and marketing it. Sony has the technology to do it, but this does not indicate that control bananas are under development or that the company is considering replacing its classic controls with this innovative idea.

Patents are often registered many times to prevent other companies from exploiting this idea, so if at some point we see random objects such as controllers for different devices, Sony is probably the company behind that product. For the moment, you can eat your bananas in peace and play with the remote control of a lifetime, that Sony is not going to revolutionize the market.

But who knows if this technology can be applied to future consoles with other concepts that adapt to this patent.

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