Sony Plans Several Adaptations of Legendary PlayStation Video Games

PlayStation Video Games: The ‘Uncharted’ starring Tom Holland has struggled to get ahead, but it is just the starting gun.

All the majors of Hollywood are in the full and urgent update before the drastic changes that the industry is going through. The way to combat the roots of streaming has been, in most cases, to acquire a platform as a repository of the properties of each studio, counting Disney, Warner, Universal and Paramount with Disney +, HBO Max and the imminent Peacock and Paramount +, respectively.

Sony Plans Several Adaptations of Legendary PlayStation Video Games

But what about Sony, a huge conglomerate of companies where much of the profits come from video games? Well, precisely, having what you already have, you have not yet considered having a service that competes in the streaming war.

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Quite the contrary, and according to MediaPost, the immediate plans of the company in this unpredictable environment contemplate a greater integration of video games compared to cinema and series. Something that, as Sony CEO Tony Viniciquerra said, will begin with the adaptation of multiple PlayStation titles in the form of movies and television series. In the style of Disney’s gruelling Investor Day, but making the most of the ambiguity, Viniciquerra has suddenly announced the development of seven series and three movies based on video games. It has not clarified what video games these will be, but it is certainly a measure that was seen coming as a result of the latest announcements.

Uncharted, a film starring Tom Holland that after a hell of pre-production concluded filming in October, would be the starting gun for this plan. Around Nathan Drake’s adventure, however, Sony has already announced a series based on The Last of Us (also released by Naughty Dog) to premiere on HBO, and also another focused on Assassin’s Creed: live-action series that would try to make us forget what happened with that Michael Fassbender movie. Beyond these three titles, we do not know of any other video game that can be adapted, but hopefully, details will be revealed soon.

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