The Video Game ‘Frozen Out’, Created by Five UPV Graduates, Wins the Special PlayStation Commitment Award

The Video Game: A polo that lives in a refrigerator and fights against the domination of cone ice creams that exploit natural resources and endanger the environment. This is the plot of the video game ‘Frozen Out’, created by Fideua Games, a team made up of five graduates of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and which has received the Special PlayStation Commitment Award.

The video game 'Frozen Out', created by five UPV graduates, wins the Special PlayStation Commitment Award

The video game ‘Frozen Out’, created by five UPV graduates, wins the Special PlayStation Commitment Award


The idea “arose as a result of an interdisciplinary work carried out between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the UPV’s Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering, within the framework of the Educational Innovation and Improvement Projects (PIME)”, explains the professor of the Department of Information Systems and Computing of the UPV, Ramón Molla.

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The PIMEs aim to promote more active teaching and improve the quality of student learning. They contemplate the development of high-level skills compared to traditional models based on the accumulation of knowledge and memory procedures.

In turn, they promote the acquisition of learning aimed at transferring knowledge to real and professional life. The UPV has been developing this type of educational innovation programs since 2010.

The project arises from a subject Alejandro Jimenez Carrasco, Tomás Ruiz Martín, Vicent Pla Madrid, Pablo López Orrios and Adrián Reina adecided to participate in the PlayStation Awards.

Alejandro has a degree in Design and Creative Technologies from the UPV and explains how they got to participate. “We started a collaborative work that, at first, was a class assignment. At the end of the course we decided to develop it as a final degree project and, later, present it to the PlayStation Awards,” he says.

For his part, Pablo Lopez, a computer engineer from the UPV, points out that Frozen Out is a video game with a touch of humour aimed at all audiences. “It is a puzzle game. In programming, we have made the interface to assign the characters to the designed animations and make it possible for you to move them with the controls. We have also established how the characters you don’t control move,” he adds.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain announces the PlayStation Awards annually with the aim of seeking independent, original and quality projects to make them a reality in the field of local development.

Specifically, the PlayStation Special Commitment Award aims to improve the lives of people and their environment through video games.

The ONCE Foundation collaborates with PlayStation in supervising the accessibility functions of all the games supported by this talent recruitment contest.

This year, when the awards reach their seventh edition, the nominees for the Special PlayStation Commitment Award together with ‘Frozen Out’ have been ‘AYA’, by 500 Miles Studio; ‘Naamu: The Lost Essence’ by An Otter Studio and ‘Roller Katz: BF’ by Nail Studio.

The winners were announced at a gala broadcast online, which was attended by, among others, Marc Gasol and Shuhei Yoshida, responsible for the PlayStation Indies initiative worldwide, highlights the Valencian university in a statement.

Yoshida dedicated a few words to all the participants and assured them that he had tried all the productions presented for these awards.

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