They Cruelly Trolley their Children a Fake PlayStation 5 and the Reaction of the Children Goes Viral

PlayStation 5: It was actually a box containing books and shoes.

One of the most anticipated gifts this Christmas is the new PlayStation 5. The latest Sony console is almost sold out in stores and finding it online has become a mission impossible. For this reason, the company has announced that, in the coming weeks, it will increase the stock worldwide.

PlayStation 5

As expected, on social networks we have seen many videos that refer to this console. However, one of the most viral has been the one starring two children who believed themselves lucky to have the coveted PlayStation 5 at the foot of their Christmas tree.

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The children’s surprise was capitalized when they began to tear the packaging and discovered what was really hidden in the box. Before finishing opening the gift, the two children rolled on the ground while shouting with joy.

The problem is that it was simply that: the box, since the console was nowhere to be found and, instead, the little ones found books and shoes. Parents could not contain their laughter when they saw the shocked faces of their children after discovering the deception.

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