This is The Black PS5 “Inspired by Tetro” That Goes on Sale This Friday

PS5: “Created by nostalgic nerds”, reservations open this Friday in North America and Saturday in the rest of the world.

It has been one of the main complaints of PS5 fans: they want to go back to business as usual and have their favourite console in black. So SUP3R5 will launch its own PlayStation 5 “made by nostalgic nerds”, a special limited-unit black edition called ‘Retro Inspired’.


The website makes it clear that the site has no affiliation with Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc or Sony Corporation, so the black PS5 is a separate console from the official brand.

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From this Friday, according to the website, it can be booked in North America and from Saturday in the rest of the world. But considering that there will only be 304 units, it seems difficult that you will be able to get one.

The sale price of this PlayStation is from $ 649 – includes console and controller – and $ 99 for the DualSense controller. All products will ship in late spring 2021.

“The SUP3R5 team carefully applies the retro-inspired design to each unit by hand, a tedious process performed with the utmost attention to detail and quality. The whole process is carried out with gloves and with the necessary safety precautions, leaving your console, controller and accessories intact by human hands ”, they say on the website.


SUP3R5 advises that “the retro-inspired conversion process requires a complete disassembly of the DualSense controller. This will void the DualSense hardware warranty provided by Sony. Please do not buy this product if you are expecting warranty assistance for your Sony DualSense controller ”.

It also informs that the console “will not be disassembled as part of the conversion process” and that ‘only’ the side panels “will be temporarily removed as part of the conversion process.”

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