What is the Yellow Light of Death PS4? Know Complete Details Now

Yellow Light of Death PS4: In regards to the Xbox 360 failures, the famous death ring (also known as the three red lights) that certifies that our console has had a serious failure and must be known by all readers is well known sent to the technical service.

Well, the phenomenon of the ‘lights of death’ is not exclusive to Microsoft’s console, as it also has begun to appear in some consoles PlayStation 4 of 60 GB, which are showing manufacturing defects. Although this time it is not three red lights, but a single light and yellow.

Yellow Light of Death PS4

What does white light on ps4 controller mean?

In the video that accompanies this input, you can observe the phenomenon in one of these consoles, when the power indicator LED of the same changes color and begins to flash, indicating a hardware problem. At the moment, this fault has only appeared in the models (of 20 and 60 GB of the hard disk), some of which carry a manufacturing defect. So now let’s check what does it mean if a yellow light is seen on your ps4.

What Does It Mean that Your PS4 Emits a Yellow Light?

A solid yellow light on the front display panel of your Sony PlayStation 4 is an indication that there is an internal hardware problem, including overheating of one or more components, or incorrect data processing. The light can also indicate the failure of one or more internal components. Your PS4 can display it over a period of several minutes or continuously (depending on the problem with the device and if it corrects itself).


Overheating is a possible reason for a recurring yellow light. While using the PS4, its internal components become hot and the device fan may or may not cool them. Overheating leads one or more heat sensors to jump, resulting in the yellow light activating. Your PS4 will automatically shut down to prevent the components from melting. Leave it off until it is cold to the touch – an hour or two.

PS4 Information on Yellow Light of Death


A video or loose power cable, or a loose controller can activate the yellow indicator lighting. The light will illuminate repeatedly until the cable or loose cables on the device are properly adjusted. If you notice that the light comes on immediately after moving the console, check the cable connections and make sure they are firmly connected.

Hard Drive Failure

A defective hard drive on the PS4 will fire the yellow indicator. The device can be turned on initially, beep one or more times, illuminate the yellow light and then turn off automatically. Your PS4 can be turned on again or not, or repeat the yellow light on, beeping one or more times and turn off again.

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Internal Component Failure

A yellow indicator will also be activated when one or more internal components have failed. The defective component could be the motherboard of the device, the secondary circuit or other internal parts. Or it could be a combination of components that fail all at once.


To resolve the problem, contact an authorized Sony PlayStation repair service or directly with Sony. They will repair the problem for free if the machine is still under warranty. Time and costs vary. Check your PS4 owner’s manual to see how to send the device back to Sony. You can also repair it yourself if you are skilled in electronic repairs by buying a book and repair kit (both available online).

So these are the main issues why the yellow light of death ps4 is occurred or happened. You need to keep your eye on the PlayStation 4 to keep it in the best conditions. Do check the complete causes of it and we are going to release “How to Fix the Yellow Light of Death PS4” in the next article.


Hence, We have shown you the complete things why the Yellow light of death ps4 will happen. It is our responsibility to check the ps4, not to overheat and working fine. We hope you like the article and willing to share the article with your friends and families at social media networking sites. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to PSN Codes for more informative articles on Playstation.

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